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Project day on July 15th 2011

The project day of the collegiate projects of faculty 3 will be on July 15th 2011. All stands will be in the first floor of the MZH at the University of Bremen. The time period in which the projects invite for small talks is 9am to 4pm.
The project SAHARA will show a demonstrator, which is described in a scenario. (Scenario 1)



[Old version...]
The goal of project SAHARA is to transfer the architecture ideas, which made the Internet and especially the World-Wide Web so successful, to the “Smart Energy” and “Home Automation” sectors. Representational State Transfer (REST), an architecture style, which allowed the Web to scale up to hundreds of millions of nodes, plays an important role in here.

Applications for small battery-powered sensor and actuator nodes should be developed with utilization and development of these ideas to be suitable for the “Smart Energy” and “Home Automation” sectors. The result for this purpose should be an open source system with a REST based infrastructure, including one or more demonstrators, which show that the approach to use web-like technologies also for sensor/actuator nodes is successful.

(German version by Carsten Bormann, translated by SAHARA)

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