WG simulation

The working group simulation deals with the simulation of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and contains three project members at the moment. The first job of the working group was to choose an appropriate simulation tool. ns-2 and OMNeT++ were evaluated in more detail and finally OMNeT++ was our choice, because our approach with this tool was more intuitive.

OMNeT++ has led to a lot of problems in the long way, which could not been solved completely with our resources in a reasonable time.
Especially the incomplete documentation of the IPv6 functionality in the INET module and the imprecise implementation of UDP sockets forced us to drop OMNeT++ and look for something else. Then the working group focussed on the simulation of Contiki nodes in COOJA and the minimal-net platform, which can run Contiki code directly on the host system.

Long term goals of the simulation working group are the simulation of a bunch of nodes to investigate the scalability of WSNs and to provide nodes for function tests to the backend group. The focus lies on the protocols 6LoWPAN und CoAP, which implementation was once planned for OMNeT++, but then has been dropped because of the aforementioned problems.

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