Use cases

Scenario 1

This scenario corresponds with our milestone of the project day. At our kickoff weekend we already had the idea to develop a rubber duck equipped with sensors.
The user could fill his bath tub with water, while the temperature is controlled completely autonomous. The rubber duck sends packets over IEEE 802.15.4 radio to the backend, which manages the logic and sends control information to an actuator. The user can monitor the progress over a possible HTTP interface using his laptop or mobile device.

Scenario 2

We came up with some application scenarios at our kickoff weekend. Some of them were really futuristic, but still realizable.
A home user could draw a wide spread of advantages with a lot of sensors and actuators in his home. Consider a user who job-related travels a lot, but still wants to have an overview over his heating costs from afar. He can read his temperature sensors over a backend, which can be used with his mobile phone.
Simultaneously he can send control commands to his actuators to control the temperature.
After a long trip a home user could send a row of control commands over the mobile backend to his actuators in his home to fill his bath tub like in scenario 1, to open the windows, control the heating, switch on his TV at the preferred channel or to make a cup of coffee.

Scenario 3

We have not only thought about scenarios for home usage, but also considered some useful business approaches. With a network of such sensors and actuators control infrastructures can be significantly simplified.
As a good example you can again name cost savings in form of monitoring power consumption and heating costs.
There could be light sensors for conference rooms, which check the incoming sun light and the artificial room light and close the shutter, if a projector has been started.
Employees could vent or heat the room over their mobile backend on their way to work.

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